About Simply Maths Tutoring

Simply Maths Tutoring was started in 2013 by Christian Paul, originally as a small one-man show offering private tutoring in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. 

Christian is a passionate educator with a lifelong love of Mathematics and Science, as well as a (at the time) newly discovered interest in small business. 

Moving forward, Simply Maths has both grown and shrunk over the years, as we learn to grow and develop in the world. With both wonderful opportunities and massive setbacks, we are always excited to learn how the world of both education and business will continue to change. 

One thing stays the same though - every single one of our tutors is as passionate and excited about Maths and education, and we are constantly working to both educate our students and ourselves. 


Meet Christian

Maths Nerd. Teacher at heart. Founder of Simply Maths Tutoring.

Hey there!

My name is Christian and I'm the guy that started Simply Maths Tutoring. 

I started Simply Maths as a side project while studying engineering in University, more as a passion project and a side job than anything else. I just wanted a way to take advantage of the fact that I love teaching and Maths, while studying at university. But this little "passion project" soon turned into a huge part of my life, as I slowly learned how much I truly love educating. 

As Simply Maths has grown, I have found new ways to bring the joy of teaching into my life and the lives of others - not only teaching students but helping new tutors to develop their own skills with Simply Maths as a vessel to allow them to grow and develop. 

My motivations are fairly simple - I love teaching, and I believe that I have both the ability and the duty to spread that love to as many educators as possible. Everywhere we go, there is always something to learn. But most people don't realise that there is always something to teach as well. The world is full of people who have such unique experiences and learnings, and my goal is to help as many people as possible to both teach and learn throughout their lives. 

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