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3 Warning Signs That Your Child May Need A Tutor

Updated: May 21

Education is changing. Fast.

As we move forward, the education system in Australia is becoming more and more competitive. Which means teachers are under ever increasing pressure to cram more into the curriculum than ever before.

As a result, more and more teachers are recommending tutors as a way to help individual students to keep up with the group. The only problem with this is that by the time a teacher recommends a tutor, students are often weeks or even months behind where they need to be.

The good news is that there are warning signs that parents can investigate in order to gauge their child’s level and proficiency in school.

1. Panic in the lead up to class or a test

If a student is confident in their ability and understanding, they rarely panic in thew lead up to a test.

Typically, stress is the first sign of difficulty in class as it shows that a student is not feeling comfortable with their level of knowledge or experience.

2. Poor relationship with teacher

Sometimes, student and teachers just clash. Personalities don’t always sit nicely, and as a result a student’s learning experience can be affected.

But in reality, teachers get along with students who are performing well.

Say what you like about the fairness of that fact, it’s fact nonetheless.

Which means that students who aren’t getting on well with the teacher will typically fall into one of two scenarios:

  1. They don’t get along well with their teacher because they are performing poorly and feeling like they aren’t keeping up with the class or

  2. They are about to fall behind due to their poor relationship with their teacher; which will typically lead to less effort on the student’s part.

Sometimes the relationship with the teacher causes the difficulty. Other times, the difficulty causes the bad relationship. But in both situations, a student will likely find themself in need of extra help soon.

3. When asked, a student doesn’t know what they are working on in class

Student’s who aren’t able to explain (no matter how briefly) what they are covering in class are highly likely to be having difficulty.

While it is possible, in some subjects, that they are able to perform the necessary analysis or calculations based solely on a question presented, the higher understanding that will become critical in later years is likely missing.

Students who perform well without really understanding what they are doing are in danger of falling behind in later years. This is an important warning sign that definitely shouldn’t be ignored.

A tutor can help rectify problems before they become problems

These warning signs are usually precursors to difficulty within the classroom. By allowing a private tutor to help a student work through these difficulties early, students grow more confident and avoid more serious issues later down the track.

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