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5 Skills That Definitely Need To Be Added To School Education

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Most people believe that the school curriculum is a little off. There are massive concepts within all subjects that provide little value to the students to whom we teach them.

There is certainly room for improvement! Almost every parent that I speak to has some idea of what they would like to see in the curriculum. So I thought it would be a good idea to gather some of the best ideas that I’ve heard here.

1. Public Speaking

Student’s get the very basic idea of public speaking in school. Every now and then, students are expected to prepare an “oral presentation”. Make a speech, basically.

The problem is that these are nowhere near frequent enough, and usually testing the wrong skills.

In English class, all emphasis is placed on the content of a student’s speech, with very little attention paid to delivery styles, or argumentative quality.

The problem with this is that most public speaking performed in real life only comes down to one key aspect: persuasion.

90% of all public speaking in the wider world is used to persuade someone of something. Maybe a sales pitch, a political debate, or even an educational presentation.

And while content is important, delivery is arguably more so. If the curriculum taught students to practice these skills, they would find many real world applications in which their talents could be used effectively.

2. Budgeting

This one is pretty obvious. The only experience students get in budgeting is usually in primary school or early high school; before students have any concept of the value of money.

Budgeting as a real-life exercise is not an easy job. Which is made even less so by the fact that students aren’t really taught HOW. They are given the basic idea of allocating money to different areas, but this is often taught when the student is in their early teens.

The practice of planning a real budget later in life is a crucial skill that many students and young adults never truly develop.

3. Project Management

The only example of project management that I have seen in school is a flimsy component embedded in Further Maths that only around 51% of schools were asked to complete (based on Examination Report OF 2016 VCE Further Maths Examination 2)

Project management is a valuable skill that many young adults go without. It does exist as a course in higher education, but the reality is that most students don’t even know that it’s a skill (or a career).

Being able to organise and coordinate medium to large scale jobs is a skill that is highly regarded in the workplace. Not to mention that those skills would be of huge value to students themselves throughout their time studying.

4. Time Management

Though closely linked to project management, time management is just so important that I felt it deserved a title of its own.

Many students lack the skills to manage their own time effectively, which is made most apparent by their difficulty in coping with assignments and deadlines. Beyond that, though, it only gets worse.

Time management is a skill that I myself only really learnt in my early twenties. Which means I spent the first few years of my adult life floundering (and I’m a fast learner!)

Time, like money, is a valuable resource that needs to be budgeted; and mastering that skill is definitely something that we could devote more attention to in education.

5. How To Study

Students are consistently shown what to learn, but not how. One of the biggest questions I am asked is “how do I study for xyz?”

Student’s understand the need for work, but knowing exactly how to proceed from there is challenging. Which is why I believe we should be devoting more time and energy to showing students how to learn. 

Did I miss any?

Post in the comments if you think I missed any valuable skills that should be included in this list, and I’ll be sure to update it!


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