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5 Things That Tutors Do For Students (That Have NOTHING To Do With Maths)

Updated: May 20

The core reason behind getting a tutor might seem obvious. But what many parents don’t realise is that there is a huge range of hidden benefits behind having a tutor. They aren’t obvious upfront, but these benefits are what REALLY make getting a tutor worth your time and energy.

1. Tutors build confidence in students

This is BY FAR the biggest advantage of working with a private tutor. A tutor at home is a hugely valuable resource that is 100% on the student. They work together with students to build skills, fix gaps in knowledge and understand the content.

But this focus goes beyond simple academics.

One of the core goals of tutors is to build confidence within their students. In doing this, tutors show students of what they are truly capable of and how it truly is within everybody’s reach to love and be passionate about what they learn.

While many parents and students are grateful for the higher grades and increased focus that comes from a private tutor, it is the confidence that people really rave about. Because without that confidence in themselves and their abilities, students can quickly fall to the overwhelming pressure of the schooling system.

Tutors are there to not let that happen.

2. Tutors provide accountability

When studying, one of the easiest things for students to do is simply wave off their work in favour of Netflix. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

And it definitely doesn’t do us any favours in the long run.

With a tutor, there is an added element of accountability – meaning that you have someone asking “have you done this yet?”, which is a HUGE motivational tool. The fact that you have someone asking about your progress is often the difference between reaching your goals and just letting them slide by.

It is one of the biggest tools for fighting procrastination.

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3. Tutors give students a safe place to “bounce ideas”

When working through challenging problem-solving questions, especially for the first time, it’s pretty common to come up with about 6 different ideas in 4.2 seconds. (I guess, roughly…)

Actually hashing out if those ideas have merit is tricky, though. Which is why it helps to have someone to bounce ideas off.

As tutors, our job is to guide students towards finding their own solutions. So while we aren’t there to just give away answers, we can definitely point out why or why not a particular idea might work. In fact, that’s exactly WHY we’re there.

4. Tutors keep students consistent

By having a regular set time to study or work at home, students can quickly build a routine. Which we all know is great. Because when there is a routine in place, you tend to have a much higher likelihood of completing work, even on the weeks when you might not be able to see your tutor.

Maths homework (and any other homework really) can become just as regular as eating dinner and brushing your teeth. But it only tends to happen when you have someone there to get you started.

5. Tutors help to make plans and schedules

It is often alarming how many students we come across (especially in the senior levels) who say that they have NEVER had a formal study plan for themselves.

But when we dig a little deeper, the reality is that students either don’t know how to make one or don’t even realise that they need one!

Tutors are scheduling gurus – after all, they have to look after their own schedules which usually include working with students, balancing University studies, sport and personal leisure time. And they always pull it off in style!

By passing on this skill, tutors are able to help students build a strong schedule that focuses on every aspect of life – not just the academics.

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