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Holidays Are Supposed To Actually Be Relaxing…

Holidays are fast approaching.

Now, last holidays, I wrote a post about how you should keep tutoring over the break.

You can check that article out here

This holidays, I’m playing Devil’s Advocate.

Actually, I feel like I need to. Because both sides of this idea are really important.

It’s important to use the holidays to catch up, get ahead, and stay on track.

But it’s also really important to actually have holidays.

Senior school students feel the pinch especially. Teachers, parents, and even friends are often putting the pressure on to get a stack of work done over the break. Most Year 12s only really have one more Term left, so that means they will be on high-alert for the rest of the year.

It’s good. But it’s bad.

Some students forget to take a break

When students are committed/feeling the pressure, they may think it’s a good idea to not take a break at all. They work 8 hours a day, every day. Which might sound like they would get a lot done, but it’s going to be one step forward and three steps back.

The overwhelming feeling of “not getting enough done” is a big concern among the older students who are preparing for exams. Which they try and compensate for by working their a**es off.

Sure, it all sounds great in theory, but the reality is simple: students burn themselves out. 

They are made to feel guilty for enjoying their time off. Which, in my humble opinion, is just plain wrong.

Holidays are for study AND relaxing

There has to be a balance.

If students go all holidays with no study, they forget too much and have trouble getting back into the swing of things

If students go all holidays with no break, they are burnt out, frustrated and will ultimately end up less productive in the long term.

Balance it out, please!

The trick here is making sure that you get quality work done – so that you don’t have to grind for 8 hours a day. As always, work smart, not hard.

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