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I’m sick of being asked if I’m a teacher

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So, are you a registered teacher?

[/feature_box] You can’t possibly imagine how many times I’ve been asked that question.

I’m not embarrassed by it. I’ve never claimed to be a qualified teacher, nor have I ever aspired to be one.

In fact, I still get asked on a regular basis if I want to go back and study to become a qualified teacher. And every time, I have the same answer.

I’ve never wanted to be a teacher. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love education. I love teaching. But being a teacher isn’t just teaching, and being a tutor gives me opportunities that most teachers won’t ever have.

A teacher’s hands are tied by the education system

As a private tutor, I have the freedom to teach exactly as I believe will be the most beneficial for my students. Which is very convenient, considering how different each of my students is.

As a teacher in the classroom, I would have no choice but to cater to the masses – to put the needs of the many ahead of the needs of the few.

But in my capacity as a tutor, I only work with one (or maybe two or three) students at a time. Which means I can easily adapt my strategies, explanations and questions to suit my students. Unfortunately, a teacher does not get this freedom when working in a class of 25-30 students.

I can do more than just run a classroom

With the time and attention I can afford to give my students, I am able to branch into areas of education that full-time teachers simply aren’t able to.

For example, this blog alone is a source of guidance for students, parents, teachers and tutors alike.

I have created knowledgebases, video programs, webinars and plenty more that I can offer to my students.

Instead of being a deliverer of classroom content, I am able to be a resource for information, guidance and support for my students as well as the wider community.

I can be friends with my students

And I’m not just talking about the superficial friendship of the classroom. I mean I can call a student to see how they are going months after I finish working with them.

I can meet them in town for a coffee… or a beer. And I can know and care about what’s going on in their lives.

Most importantly, I can forge a friendship that also builds mutual respect and respect. A friendship is not between a teacher and student. It is between two people, one of whom happens to help the other with Maths.

I can reach far beyond the confines of the classroom

As a private tutor with a wide range of resources at my disposal, there are no physical limits to how I can help my students.

Instead of being confined to a class of 30 students, I am able to reach across the state or even the country to provide help to students.

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Before the school year has even started, I have already been able to provide assistance and resources to over 130 students through the delivery of my online webinars.


And I’m just getting started for the year!

But aren’t teachers more in tune with curriculums and teaching methods?

You would certainly think so! And I have met many teachers who are some of the most wonderful, passionate and accomplished educators that I could possibly imagine.

But the reality is that a VIT qualification is not an assurance of quality. If it was, my tutoring company would have a quarter of the number of students that we do now.

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The number one reason for students engaging a tutor in high school is due to difficulty working with a current or past teacher.


As we move into the age of technology, teachers who refuse to embrace new methods and mediums are being left behind.

As tutors, we have no alternative but to embrace and learn these new methods; if we don’t, we won’t have any students! So we work hard to make our education as engaging and relevant as possible. Which gives us a constant edge.

So, I don’t want to be a teacher

I want to be an educator. I want to be a tutor. But I don’t want to work through 4-5 years of University to obtain a degree, and then realise that I don’t have the capability to make the same kind of impact that I am making right now.

There are many people who believe that only a qualified teacher is fit to teach. Which I find a shame. Because if my five years of experience, dozens of articles, published video guides, online programs, and webinars can’t convince you; why would a piece of paper?

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