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If I Could Give ONE Piece Of Advice To Year 12s…

About a week ago, I sent a challenge to our lovely team of Maths Tutors. I asked them ten questions and asked them to give me their responses. The challenge was designed with a few goals in mind:

  1. To learn more about our wonderful team

  2. To help them become comfortable presenting themselves in public (as they will need to do more and more as technologies and careers evolve)

  3. To get them really thinking about what it is they do and provide for their students

But I made sure that, for every question they had to answer, I provided my own answers. Now, one of the questions I asked was this:

If you could give one piece of advice to Year 12s, what would it be?

My advice is simple.

Find balance.

Typically speaking, students fall into one of two categories: either they stress way too much, or not nearly enough.

To the students who stress too much

Relax. Not too much, just a little

Despite what many people are telling you, Year 12 does not define your life. It’s definitely important, and your concern and drive to succeed are going to serve you remarkably well. Especially if you aim to complete further study.

But sometimes it can be easy to forget an important point. Which is that, 6 months after the ATAR comes out, nobody is going to care about it (unless you teach Maths like me and prospective students are constantly asking “how well did you do”)

To the students who don’t stress enough

Relax a little less. Sure, Year 12 isn’t everything. But it is SOMETHING. Quite an influential something actually.

If you are one of the people who have accepted that Year 12 doesn’t define your life, and therefore aren’t worried about it all: you’ve missed the point.

The reality is, you need a little stress in your life

It keeps you focused, on target, and ready to achieve.

Imagine a door that leads to your future. If you push yourself, work hard and succeed, you’re given a key to that door and you can unlock it.

If you don’t put in that effort, you don’t get the key. Instead, you have to go to a locksmith, and waste time waiting for him to unlock the door for you. Or, you can put all your effort into breaking the door down.

Either way, you get through the door and get to your future, whatever you want that to be. But wouldn’t it be easier with the key?

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