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Study Groups – Why You Need One Now

Sure, they might seem like a bit of a dud. But being surrounded by a group of people with the same goals, and the same problems as you can be hugely motivating. 

The reason that study groups are such a strong resource (in my opinion) is the fact that they give you an opportunity to learn AND teach. And as they say; “to teach is to learn twice”

In a study group, you get to see more than just your own problems. You get to see what other people are struggling with too. These alternative styles of learning are a great resource if you use them wisely.

Surround yourself with motivation

One of my favourite sayings (from a very successful business coach) is this: Environment Dictates Performance.

By surrounding yourself with people who study regularly, work hard, and are motivated, you become one of those people yourself.

Having a study group keeps you moving and focused because really it’s embarrassing to be the odd one out!

Learn by teaching

Being a part of a study group is about more than just taking. You have to give a little too. What most people don’t realise is this so much more valuable than you think!

Use your current skills to help fellow students further their education, and you’ll be surprised by how much deeper your own understanding goes in the process!

A word of warning though

Study groups need a balance of people who need a lot of help, and people who are there to help. Otherwise, they tend not to be as productive as you might hope.

If you put a bunch of people in a room with the same problem, they’ll usually just b*tch about the problem.

If you put a bunch of people in a room with an expert, they’ll learn how to solve their problem.

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