• Christian Paul

Study Plans Should Be Based On Results, Not Time

Updated: May 22

Why is that every time you put in energy to put together a study plan, it never works out?

The plans always look perfect – nicely balanced, coordinated, and everything you need! If only you could actually stick to it, it would be perfect!

So why are they SO hard to stick to?

Most of the time, it’s because you don’t get the results you are expecting. But that begs the question, why don’t your study plans give you the results you deserve?

Mostly because your study plan isn’t designed for results. It’s designed for time.

The typical study plan is set up to fail

Why? Because study plans are designed to help you devote a certain amount of time to each subject. Which is NOT the same as achieving results.

If you want to put together a study plan that works, don’t base it on dedicating a certain number of minutes or hours to each subject. Instead, commit to an activity instead. That way, you’re actually incentivized to work as efficiently as possible.

It’s good for two reasons:

  1. Results will focus on you and allow you to achieve more than simply “grinding”

  2. By aiming to work more efficiently, you get a more effective exam preparation, as you’ll be studying content WHILE practising being efficient and working quickly through questions

Arguably, that second skill is almost more valuable when we start talking about exams and testing.

Not to mention you’ll find you’re getting STACKS more done while still having free time.

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