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To The Teachers Who Are Offended When Their Students Get Tutors…

Updated: May 22

Dear Teachers,

Recently, I have heard from my students that you might be upset that they need a tutor.

It’s certainly not all teachers, but there are definitely enough to cause me concern.

My students tell me, and they’re a little miffed. Apparently, it hurts a little that students that you teach require extra help.

Aren’t I enough?

More than a few teachers have said this. And from what I can tell, it stems from a great concern that you aren’t enough to provide the quality help to your students.

And to this I say… “WHY??!”

Why would it bother you? Is it that you don’t trust other educators? Is that your ego is in the way? Or is there some other reason that I’m missing?

As a teacher, you know better than anyone that every student learns differently.

Which means you have surely accepted the fact that your teaching style won’t work for everyone in your class. It can’t, by definition! No matter how flexible you are, you can’t please everyone.

More importantly, you shouldn’t be expected to. 

Teachers perform (what I believe is) the most important job in the world. And most teachers do a remarkable, outstanding job at bringing students into the larger world.

Any one in the education world who expects one person to individually teach 25 people in their own unique style is either silly or ignorant.

Tutors have the flexibility to give each student what they need on a personal level – they have the time and freedom that your career doesn’t offer.

Tutors aren’t replacing teachers – they’re supporting them

Teachers are on the forefront of education – introducing hundreds or even thousands of students to the educational world.

Tutors are the support team: they take what the teacher starts and customises it to suit each individual student in a way that a teacher simply can’t do. Not due to a lack of skill, but a lack of time, energy and probably money!

Tutors are going to make your life easier

As a teacher, your job is to get your class through the year with smiles, passion and a ton of education.

When one or two of your students struggle, your plan tends to take the hit.

When your students get a tutor, it’s never supposed to be an insult to you.

What “having a tutor” actually means.

It does NOT mean that a teacher is bad.

It does NOT mean that a student is unintelligent.

But it DOES mean that students and parents are understanding the pressure that the current education system is applying across the country, and have decided to take action to make sure they don’t get left behind.

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