• Christian Paul

Tutoring vs. Coaching

Is there even a difference between tutoring vs. coaching?

In a short answer; yes. And that difference can make a difference to who you find as a tutor, how often you engage their services, and what you get them to do with students.


Tutoring is the reason that around 90% of parents will call and find help. Typically speaking, tutoring (especially remedial tutoring) is what students need help with.

The core purpose behind tutoring is to give students access to a one-on-one resource to help them learn the content covered in the curriculum.

Of those students who look for tutoring, most are motivated by a student already struggling. Which means that most parents wait until after a student begins failing to begin seeking help.


Coaching is a far less common, but much more specialised use of private tutors. It focuses on getting ready students for exams, specialised assessments such as the UMAT or GAMSAT, or entry exams for elite schools.

This is much more challenging as you need a tutor who specialises in the exam you are looking for. Not only that, but it can often come at the sacrifice of focusing on the content covered concurrently in school.

Coaching also has a second, even more rarely used application – study and stress management. Many parents confirm that a large benefit of having a tutor is the ability to build a student’s confidence. Yet, finding a tutor who will specialise in this is a rare thing.

So which do you need?

Both have their place. And both are important. However, remedial tutoring (tutoring to help get students back on track) is by far the most common, and the one found to have the largest benefits for students.


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