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Tutors aren’t the rescue squad, they’re the prevention team!

Updated: May 22

Tutor to the rescue

When most parents call us to organise a tutor, they’re calling in the hope that a tutor will be able to swoop in and save the day. Your child might be struggling to keep up in class, or having issues with a teacher. Either way, the motivation behind finding a tutor is usually as a rescuer, rather than a prevention method.

Tutors only have a very limited amount of time with students (typically one hour per week) in order to try to bring students back on track. Which means that in one hour, a tutor has to:

  1. Identify past knowledge gaps and address them

  2. Continue building on recent content

  3. Strengthen understanding of current content so the student does not feel left behind in class.

Rough, right? It’s not an easy task!

But the best solution to this problem is not just throwing more time or money at the tutor.

The solution

By engaging a tutor as a prevention method rather than a rescuer, students never reach that point. They are addressing problems as they occur rather than weeks or even months later. Which means that a tutor can focus on keeping a student on the right road, rather than trying to steer them back to the road from somewhere in the bush.

A tutor is like roadside assistance

Last night my car broke down in the middle of a busy road. It wouldn’t even start. I gave it a good push and got it off the road, and then called the trusty RACV. They came, picked up the car, and dropped it off at the mechanic without me paying a cent. All because I took the precaution of spending $80 on roadside assistance.

I later found out that, if I had waited until the problem occurred to pay for roadside care, it would have cost $165 on the spot. Not only that, but I would be at the mercy of whoever turned up, whenever they turned up.

Don’t wait until the problem occurs – that only makes it harder (and more expensive) to fix. Tutors can make sure the problem never occurs in the first place. 

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