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[VIDEO] Sometimes, Methods Students Are So Smart, That They’re Dumb…

Students aren’t dumb. In fact, they’re incredibly smart. Really, they have to be, because complex questions in Maths Methods are almost as certain as death or taxes.

They’re an absolute necessity, and it wouldn’t really be Methods without them.

Students quickly become accustomed to dealing with complex ideas, challenging problems and mind-bending worded scenarios.

But there can be a problem with that, and it’s a problem that comes up frequently; especially among the higher level Maths subjects such as VCE Methods or Maths B/C.

Students forget how to do the easy stuff. 

There’s only so much space in a student’s brain

And, most of the time, it fills up pretty fast! With such complex ideas floating around on a near daily basis, it can get a little tricky.

Students often struggle because they’re so used to dealing with complex questions, that they forget how to do the simple stuff.

So smart that they’re dumb

The results of this can often appear in some strange ways.

I’ve had students who didn’t realise that they could calculate the area of a rectangle using height times width.

And I’ve had other students who didn’t realise that the gradient of a straight line was a formula learnt in Year 8.

But they can solve differential equations…

So how do you get past it?

Unlike many subjects, Maths is NEVER restricted to only the content learnt in that class or that year.

In Year 12 history, you aren’t likely to need the history you learnt in Year 10.

In Year 12 Maths, you will absolutely need the Maths you learnt in Year 10.

Once you get used to this idea, life gets a little easier.

The most important thing to remember is you can use ANYTHING that you have ever learnt in Maths if it will get the job done.

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