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Want A Cool Tool To Build Study Groups Online? Check This Out!

We’ve been raving a little bit about study groups in the past few weeks. And why wouldn’t we? They’re amazing. But one of the most common problems is finding a way for everyone to meet in the same locations. Which is why I was to share this cool tool that I found recently that I think will help you to make the most out of study groups, even if you can’t be there in person.

Meet Zoom

Zoom is my new favourite online conference software. Imagine Skype, but with TONS of cool features that actually make it the ideal study group tool. I have been using it for online tutoring for a few months now, and am hugely impressed with how it works. Plus, its list of features gives you everything you need for study (and probably a few things you don’t.)

Video Conferencing

This is one is pretty obvious, right? Webcam conference between two or more people. A cool little thing about Zoom is that it has a feature that automatically switches the camera focus over to whoever is talking. It’s not a big deal, but I really enjoy it.

Screen sharing

Here is where Zoom starts to differ from Skype. Zoom features its own screen sharing feature – meaning you can see whatever is on the host’s screen. OR you can share your own screen, or multiple people can share their own screens (but calls do start to lag with multiple screen shares, so just be wary of that). This is great if you have worksheets on someone’s computer or a presentation to watch/share/collaborate on.


Bring up a clean whiteboard for everybody to work. Write, draw or type onto the screen and have everybody see exactly what you need them to.

Screen Annotation

This is by far my favourite. By far. Not only can someone share their screen with worksheets (or just have a blank whiteboard), but then the entire group can write or draw on it. You can use pen or touch input to draw on your screen and Zoom then overlays it onto everybody’s screen. Which is an AMAZING way to help someone with Maths work.

IPhone/IPad Streaming

Not sure that this counts as a good study tool, but it’s too cool not to throw in here. You can actually stream the screen of your Apple device directly into Zoom. Nifty, right?

Best of all, it’s free.

That’s right! Zoom have a free package that has everything included in it. The ONLY catch is that the free version limits the time in calls with more than two people (so any group call) to a max of 40 minutes. Which, in my opinion, is a pretty good study session anyway! Take a 5-minute break then just start a new call. Or, you can pay around $15 a month to remove that restriction (and only one person in the group needs to have a paid account for everyone to join in).

You get Zoom free (or paid) by going to this link here:

Download Zoom For Free

Let me know what you think!

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