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What can parents do to help?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

This question pops up an awful lot amongst concerned parents who simply want the best for their children. While organising Maths Tutoring is certainly a fantastic step, there are many other things parents can do to further this advantage. Maths Tutoring only occurs for one or two hours a week, but learning and understanding can occur all the time. Here are some of the simple but effective steps parents can take to encourage even further learning.

Think and act positive!

You are your child’s number one role model! If you always talk about how difficult you found Maths, or how much you disliked it, chances are your child will grow up the same way. Even at older ages, students are impressionable and pay more attention to you than any other adult. Even if you do dislike Maths, try to avoid mentioning this, as it builds a bias in the student that can make their own Math studies more challenging than necessary. Focus on the positive! Maths can be fun, and with the right attitude, can fascinate and intrigue even the most sceptical of minds.

Talk with your tutor

This one can be vital. A tutor is there to do their absolute best for your son or daughter, but you know them better than anyone else. If you realise that your child might benefit from a slightly different approach, let your tutor know! We find this information invaluable. We work hard to alter and adapt our strategies to suit the needs of each and every student. If you are aware of something that will allow us to do this even better, don’t be afraid to mention it.

Students will also be more inclined to mention difficulties to their parents than to their tutor. While it is a hard distinction to make, tutors are not teachers. We do not teach the content to a class of 27 students and then move on. Our goal is to help cover the gaps and consolidate what is covered in class. If there is a serious gap or difficulty in knowledge and your tutor is not aware of it, it is likely the gap will never be properly filled and covered. Tutors aren’t psychic; we need your help.

Encourage the student to work hard

Tutors are only around to push the student for an hour a week. The reality of Maths is that the student needs to work consistently on the study, homework, and understanding. The tutor can easily provide the tools and knowledge for the student to learn, but ultimately it is up to the student to work towards their goal. Parents can help. Encouragement of study and homework help the student to develop a routine which becomes invaluable as the student moves towards VCE, and even beyond. Just be careful not to push too hard, or the student will end up resenting the subject.

Don’t pile the pressure too high

Encouragement is fantastic and can help build a student’s confidence. Setting the bar too high, however, can be crippling for a student. Work with your child and tutor to set realistic goals, which will be challenging but attainable. Expecting a failing a student to score 100% on a test will likely cause the student to become anxious and agitated under the pressure. Expecting a failing student to reach 60-70% is far more reasonable, and still very encouraging. Tuition is a process, not a quick fix, and the goals of both the student and the parent need to take this into consideration.

Provide feedback!

  1. Providing feedback in regards to your tutor is incredibly valuable information. There are many avenues to achieve this

  2. Speak directly to your tutor. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, a tutor can learn a great deal from your feedback.

  3. Testimonials. These can be sent to christian@simplymaths.com.au or submitted via the website and will be published online for everyone to see.

And more …

There are many avenues parents can take to make their child’s tuition more productive. Mentioned here are just a few. The important thing to remember is that you, as a parent, play a critical role as a role model, and that your actions and attitude will affect that of your child. So take advantage of it!

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