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Which practice exams should I do for Methods?

With the recent curriculum change at the start of 2016, many of the past Methods exams become difficult. While the vast majority of content is the same, there is just enough variation to cause problems when using them as study resources.

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The solution to this is to use pre-2016 exams as study resources, but to try and avoid them as an actual “practice exam”.


They provide a huge range of practice questions to help you hone your Maths abilities, but do not work effectively as trial papers.

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When you get to the point of running through trial exams (under exam conditions with time restrictions) use exams from 2016 onwards.

[/feature_box] VCAA released a sample exam as well as the actual 2016, and every third party brand also released a 2016 sample exam to work through. Most schools have licenses for 2-3 of these, so you should be able to find at least a few 2016 branded exams that you can use for timed conditions.

If you want to know which questions you should and shouldn’t be doing, check out this blog post. I created a guide to help you know which questions you should be trying and which you should be skipping.

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