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Why most Year 12s who study Methods start with a disadvantage

Seems a little unfair, huh?

I certainly think so. But it’s what tends to happen. And when I say “tends to”, I mean around 90% of the student population.

It’s a simple problem, easily corrected, but it’s still something that most students struggle with.

You see, it’s damn hard to be prepared to jump into Methods if you don’t even know what you’re jumping into. 

Every year, we take on a bunch of new Year 12 students studying Methods. And almost without fail, most students have little to no idea what the heck Methods is even about.

It’s not your fault

Truth be told, the information isn’t what I would call “easily accessible”. Even though it definitely should be. But the basic knowledge of the curriculum and the strategies that can go alongside it are sometimes usually absent.

But if you were aware of just a few simple things before the year starts, don’t you think you’d be at an advantage? Especially when most of the state has no clue.

Imagine if you were to be made aware of three simple things before the school year started:

  1. The actual course structure, including topics, exam structure, and scaling

  2. What’s truly important, and how the most important topics link together

  3. The best way to find the right resources to help you throughout the year. 

Imagine that you are in the 10% of the state that actually has this information upfront.

Game changer, right?

So where do you find this information?

Like I said, it’s not obvious to find. Which is just silly.

That’s why we’re running a free webinar in early January. We’ll be going through those three important points to help you gear up for the year ahead. All you have to do is show up for around 90 minutes, and you’ll get all the information you need to be ahead of the curve. Just click the link below to register.

Check out the webinar and download 10 free summary pages here

Just make sure you’re quick! The spaces are actually limited, so you’ll want to make sure you save your spot early.

What will be covered in the webinar?

The webinar will cover the three main points mentioned earlier, so as to best prepare you for the year ahead. Which means that by the end of the webinar you’ll have a good insight into:

  1. Which topics are going to be covered

  2. How exams are structured

  3. The typical scaling that gets applied to Methods

  4. The most important concepts

  5. How the main topics link together

  6. How to find the best free and paid resources to help you throughout the year.

Check out the webinar and download 10 free summary pages here

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