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Why NOT To Take A Break From Tutoring Over The Holidays

Most students decide to take a break from their tutoring over the holidays. Aside from Year 12s (who are under huge pressure to work), most students and parents would rather take a break.

I mean, it’s the holidays, right? It seems like the appropriate thing to do.

But the reality is that you could be wasting some really valuable time that can otherwise offer a huge benefit.

If school stops, tutoring shouldn’t.

Most students (and parents) have the mentality of tutoring being a mechanism for keeping up with school. Which is absolutely is.

The problem is when you start thinking that “because there is no school, I won’t be missing anything if I stop tutoring for a few weeks”.


You aren’t missing content, but you are missing an opportunity. Tutoring over the holidays has three major advantages, plus a few perks.

  1. You can use the time to consolidate work throughout the term that might have otherwise been a little sketchy.

  2. You can use the time to get a head start on the next Term’s content

  3. You can stay in the groove, which means you won’t have to worry about “getting back into it” when school kicks back in.

Seems like some pretty good reasons to keep going, right? But what about if you’re just getting started. Should you wait until the term starts back.

Don’t make tutoring a new term resolution

Don’t wait “until they go back” to get started on tutoring. Why wait?!

Really it’s the same mentality as having New Years Resolutions. If you want to start going to the gym, why are you waiting until the new year?

If you want to get on top of your maths work, why are you waiting until the new term?

The holidays are the absolute best time to start tutoring. Because they give you an opportunity to get past the slow start and give you a chance to focus on topics that you otherwise might not have time to do. Tutoring is most commonly used to help students catch-up. Why wouldn’t you spend quiet time catching up?

Rather than trying to balance old concept with new, you have the time to focus your attention on the concepts that really need it. It’s the perfect solution!

If you’re thinking about tutoring, or already have one, don’t waste the term break!

Make the most of the time you have to get the absolute most value out of tutor, and yourself.


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