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Why Parents Make Bad Tutors

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

It’s been seen in dozens of families. Every day when speaking to parents about organising a tutor for their child, there’s usually some variation of the same sentence thrown in:

"I’ve tried working with him, but I really think it’s time for some professional help."

It makes sense! Parents, where possible, are always keen to give their child the best experiences growing up. Including the educational experiences. But the reality is that parents can’t make good tutors. In truth, parents make bad tutors.


The education system has changed in massive ways since you went to school

Heck, it’s changed in massive ways since I finished school! And that was 8 years ago. Students are being taught new concepts, in new ways, usually at different ages to when you learned them.

As tutors, it’s our job to be on top of these new techniques and concepts, so that you don’t have to be!

The relationship between you and your child is fundamentally different to the relationship your child can have with a tutor

As a tutor, dealing with frustrated students is part of the package.

As a parent, dealing with frustrated children is part of the package.

But the reality is that is quite tough to do both of those things at the same time.

As a parent with such a strong emotional attachment, it is a challenge to work objectively with your child without becoming frustrated yourself!

Typically, we end up hearing that children just don’t listen to their parents in the same manner and they do with their tutor. They get distracted. Maybe they get distracted asking about going to a friends house, or what you’re having for dinner.

But with a tutor, the relationship is 100% educational. There is no space or reason for these distractions to exist, which means there’s no problem!

 Having a separate tutor helps students compartmentalise

When students have a dedicated Maths tutor, you will find that they are better at compartmentalising. Which ultimately means that they are able to learn better.

If you (as a parent) try to tutor your child, it’s not as easy. Because the conversations you have with your child get lost among the hundreds of other interactions you have every day.

As a tutor, this isn’t the case. The ONLY conversations that a tutor usually has with their student are education based. Which actually means that they are more easily able to retain the information, as they can associate what they have learned with their tutor.

Parents are amazing at many things, but being a dedicated Maths Tutor usually isn’t one of them.

Which is why Maths Tutors such as us exist. We have a very specific role in students lives. A role that we are well practised with, and that we use to make a positive difference in our students’ lives.

As a parent, you have so many roles: friend, family, authority, cook, cleaner, breadwinner.

Don’t worry about adding “tutor” to that list, that’s what we’re here for.

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