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Why We DON'T Have Our Own Curriculum

Updated: May 20

One of the most common questions we receive is “do you provide your own curriculum/resources?”.

And our answer is always a very clear no. For a very clear reason.

You see, we as tutors don’t want to replace the school curriculum. We want to support it.

Our aim is not to create an environment to replace the school classroom or teacher, but rather to help students thrive within their class thanks to outside support.

As a tutoring company, we make a conscious choice to be a support resource, rather than an alternative option.

There are two main reasons for this decision.

We don’t want to confuse our students

Our goal is to make our students’ lives easier and simpler, not more complicated.

Yet, if we were to force our own curriculum into our tutoring sessions, that is exactly what would happen.

Students would be covering one topic in the classroom, and another in their tutoring sessions. This detracts from their learning, ultimately splitting their attention between classwork and work with a tutor at home.

Instead, we want our students to be working on something in the classroom, and then bringing that content home to gain additional support and understanding by working with their tutor.

We want to be flexible

One of the biggest advantages of having a private tutor is having a personalised resource of information that can focus on what the student needs.

In a one on one environment, the focus can pivot in an instant, which is a great asset.

A curriculum of our own would, by necessity, include structures such as lesson plans and knowledge tests. Structures that, while necessary in the classroom, are far from required in private tuition.

The ability to be flexible and adapt the lesson to our students’ needs at the time is one of the many ways we as tutors can deliver the best educational experience. Building and maintaining our own curriculum would take much value away from this opportunity.

We’re not here to tell students what to do

Quite the opposite, actually. We are here to be shown what to work on and to provide the knowledge, strategies and information required for students to achieve their goal.

As tutors, we work hard to help students and families reach their goals, rather than choosing those goals for them.

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