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Kishara S

Masters Degree In Engineering



Hi there! My name is Kishara, and I would love to help you to achieve your math goals. By providing you comfort and confidence in your own ability and potential, you will be surprised with what you can really achieve! I am extremely friendly, approachable and relatable, and working with people is a huge part of my life. My full-time role as a Sales Representative reflects these attributes. My formal education consists of a Bachelor of Engineering (First Class Honours), and a Master of Engineering (First Class Honours), specialising in Chemical and Materials. I have experience tutoring other students during University, in a range of subjects, and supervising a Summer Internship student. Working with me, you can expect to be respected and supported 100%. I gain great satisfaction seeing students succeed, and so your development is really what drives me to help you. I look forward to working with you in the near future!